Spray Painting Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is NOT final!

Contrary to what you’ve been lead to believe, aluminum or vinyl siding is not a permanent alternative to exterior painting. No matter what product – old or new – currently being advertised, the end result is the same – maintenance of the exterior of your home is a necessary requirement. Simply put – take a look in older neighborhoods and you will see hundreds of aluminum and vinyl sided houses now faded to an unattractive, dated appearance.

At Phoenix Painting we have restored many aluminum siding and vinyl siding homes. The terms “Aluminum Repaint” and ‘Vinyl Repaint’ are used when describing homes that have either type of siding and have been painted. Seeing is believing: When we are finished painting these homes, they look so gorgeous it’s hard to recognize they used to be old, dated aluminum or vinyl!

As you can see, your home or building will be transformed from dismal to dazzling! We can make your Aluminum or vinyl siding look spectacular again.
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