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  • Wood & cedar house painting
  • Painting aluminum siding
  • Painting vinyl siding
  • Power washing - mildew removal
  • Decks washed, stained & repaired
  • Carpentry repairs
  • Caulking
  • Cleaning & staining log homes
  • Exterior sealant for moisture control
  • Concrete, mortar and brick painting

  • A fresh coat of paint on a property's exterior can work magic and significantly boost curb appeal. Periodic exterior painting of your home serves as a barrier of protection against the elements and contributes to your home's real estate appreciation. We only use the highest quality and correct type of products for our work; in combination with our expert prep and painting professionals insures your house will remain beautiful for many years to come. Our services fit within most budgets.

    Our exterior painting process includes:

    Inspection of the surface:
    Identifying signs of chalking, peeling, or blistering on the paint, noting damaged wood, and discussing options with you for repair.

    Protecting your house and property:
    Dropcloths or lightweight plastic sheeting (think drycleaning bag weight) are used to protect the landscape and to collect paint chips, to protect roofing and non-painted areas from drips. Vaccuming is also performed to remove any debris or paint chips. Tape and paper or plastic are used for windows, doors and other areas as needed. Removal of shutters, downspouts and any applied items are not to be painted are done at this time. At the end of every day, ladders and other equipment are all neatly stacked and packed away so the job site remains neat and clean at all times. We will communicate with you each day so you always feel secure about the progress of your project.

    Eliminates algae, mildew, dirt, mold, and chalking that accumulates over time to restore a clean surface for the paint to adhere.

    Light carpentry such as, clapboard, fascia, and sill replacement can be performed as per your wishes. Caulking can be done at this time.

    Prior to applying the top coat, priming is done to all bare wood areas to increase adhesion. Special priming can be done to problematic areas with cedar bleed or rust.

    Painting - Staining:
    Application of paint or stain is determined by what's best for the project. Paint is applied with brushes, rollers and/or sprayed and back rolled or brushed.

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    Some of our exterior painting projects include:

    Painted Aluminum Siding Painted Aluminum Siding Ranch after painting Craftsman home painted aluminum siding Colonial painted aluminum siding Contemporary home after painting Raised Ranch after painting Colonial aluminum siding painting Concrete foundation painting Green trim paint Cedar ranch after painting Colonial.after.painting Painted Aluminum Cape in Bolton 2 color deck after staining Deck after staining 2 tone deck after staining Deck after stain Deck after staining Mid century modern deck after After deck stain Pool deck after staining After deck stain Fence after staining Large deck after stain Garage door before paint garage door after paint Bulkhead before painting Bulkhead after painting

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