Water Damage? Ceiling Repairs and Wall Repairs


Water Damage, ceiling repairs? Let Phoenix Painting take the pain out of repairs and painting for you!


Tub and sink accidents, pipe leaks, roofing issues happen!

To have a ceiling damaged by some form of water leak is stressful for homeowners. Add a popcorn ceiling to that equation, and most homeowners are at a total loss when it comes to repairs.

With over 30 years of ceiling repair experience, you can count on Phoenix Painting to assess your problem correctly and repair it to “before damage” condition. We are your Connecticut Water Damage Specialists.

In the realm of ceiling repairs, we have literally “seen it all”. From the smallest popcorn repair to nails or tape popping, to entire¬†ceilings filled with water then disintegrating, we have been there and done it, as far as repairs go! We’ve seen all sorts of crazy ideas people have implemented to repair ceilings, thus creating a disaster.

Truth be told, many steps are involved involved in repairing a ceiling. ALL of the steps are required  for the work to stand the test of time. We will tell you the truth about your ceiling repair Рwhat steps are required to repair it and why.

At Phoenix Painting, we believe in doing a project right from beginning to end, so there won’t be any problems related to the repair later on. After all, who wants to go back and repair something over? (not us.) We want our customers to be pleased with our work the first time, so they can go back to the business of their daily lives.


A few of the ceiling specialties we offer are:

  • Ceiling repairs
  • Popcorn ceiling repairs
  • Popcorn ceiling removal
  • Spray painting
  • Textured ceilings
  • Plaster and drywall repairs
  • Knock down texture finishes

When you need a ceiling repair, give us a call at:

(860) 818-1260


You will be so happy you did!

Phoenix Painting: We take the ‘pain” out of painting!